Critical Dialogues of the Post-Covid City: Urban challenges and sustainable transformations in London and Toronto

Additional Team Members - Nicola Livingstone and Susan Moore

This collaborative project sustains and expands upon the existing ‘critical dialogues’ network between London and Toronto scholars, drawing new insights from market, state and civil society responses to Covid-19 in each city. Connecting with the universal and contingent challenges embodied in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, we will question and evaluate the extent to which our built environments are responding to SDGs concomitant to post-covid urban experiences.

Solutions will focus on: No poverty (SDG1), Reduced Inequalities (SDG10), Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure (SDG9) and Sustainable Cities and Communities (SDG11).

We will explore the challenges created by Covid-19 in London and Toronto, and the building of more sustainable cities that value holistic urban-focused solutions, exploring environmentally and socially-just transformations in governance, planning and development. The project enhances our partnership; incorporating research workshops oriented to specific SDGs, generating co-written academic and policy-oriented publications, and producing original outputs (podcasts, blogs).