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Society has the potential, indeed the duty, to fundamentally shape cities for the better and in the best interests of all.

This is the realm of urban design, and at the Bartlett School of Planning we explore this domain through our teaching, research and engagement with practice.

The School’s Urban Design Research Group is an internationally renowned group of academic staff and researchers with a focus on better understanding and deploying the theories, processes, practices, actors and pedagogies of urban design. We examine problems that range from fundamental theoretical questions about the nature of urban design; to direct engagement shaping its tools of operation; to work with communities to mould their localities; to understanding the fundamental form and nature of space.

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Article published on estate regeneration schemes

Dr Pablo Sendra has co-authored the new article ‘Identifying the criteria for community-centred Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment of estate regeneration schemes’.

About: Identifying the overall environmental, and socioeconomic impacts of different estate regeneration scenarios can contribute to the overall sustainability of such schemes. Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment (LCSA) is an appropriate tool for assessing holistic sustainability. To achieve resilient societies, the interests of communities should be considered in decision making. This paper proposes a method for incorporating community needs in identifying sustainability metrics for the sustainability assessment of estate regeneration schemes.