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Matthew Carmona celebrates his 100th blogpost

A new blog titled Talking the talk: 20 years and 100 blogs has been published by Professor Matthew Carmona.

In this milestone 100th blog post, Matthew Carmona takes a moment to reflect on his blogging journey, sharing insights into how it all began.

Bartlett Planning team help planners discover best locations for future urban growth

Future Urban Growth Lab is a KEIF project that runs from May 2022 to end of April 2023. Dr. Tommaso Gabrieli (PI) and Prof. Stephen Marshall (Co-I) from the Bartlett School of Planning formed a partnership with the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) and Dr. Luca D’Acci (Associate Professor in Urban Studies at Politecnico of Turin, Italy) with the objective to create a user-friendly software to visualize options for future urban growth.