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Dr Filipa Matos Wunderlich

Associate Professor in Urban Design

Filipa Matos Wunderlich is an Associate Professor in Urban Design and Director of the MRes in Interdisciplinary Urban Design at the Bartlett School of Planning, UCL, UK. She is former co-designer and Director of the MSc Urban Design and City Planning in the same institution. She coordinates Research By Design/Major Research Projects for both MSc Sustainable urbanism and Urban Design and City Planning programmes. Prior to becoming a Lecturer in 2010, Filipa was a Research Associate at the Bartlett, where she has also completed her PhD.

More about me

Filipa has an interdisciplinary background. She is an architect, urban designer and musician. Before engaging with academia she worked as a chartered practitioner in Architecture and Urban design in at KCAP, Kees Christiaanse Architects and Planners, in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Filipa trained as an architect at FAUP (Faculty of Architecture of University of Porto), and TUDelft, Faculty of Architecture (Technical University of Delft). She also trained as a performer classical musician in the Music Conservatorium of ArtEZ Institute of Arts Arnhem, The Netherlands.

Key research areas include the temporal dimension of urban place design, including temporality in urban places, urban place rhythms and place-rhythm analysis; also and furthermore, urban design research methodological practices, sensory and performative urbanism, the interface between urban and musical aesthetics, gender neutral urban design, and the design and use of alternative typologies in the contemporary city.

Filipa has co-authored the book 'Capital Spaces: The Multiple Complex Public Spaces of a Global City'. Other key research contributions include Walking and Rhythmicity: sensing urban space, 2008, (for Journal of Urban Design), Place-temporality and urban place-rhythms in Urban Analysis and Design: an aesthetics akin to music, 2013 (for Journal of Urban Design), and, Place-temporality and rhythmicity: a new aesthetics and methodological foundation for urban design theory and practice, in Carmona, M. 2014 (for Ashgate Publishers) and Temporal(ities): A New Perspective into the Design of Time, Rhythm, and Atmosphere in Urban Places, in Koch M, et all (eds.) New Urban Professions, 2018, for JOVIS Publishers. Filipa's forthcoming publication is entitled Temporal Urban Design: Time, Rhythm and Design.

Research Focus and Interests - Temporal urban design; place-rhythm analysis; urban design research methodological practices; sensory and performative urbanism; gender neutral urban design.


From - London, UK

Favourite Place - London, UK

FUN FACT: If you were stranded on a desert island and you could only bring 3 things, what would they be?

A notebook and pencil for drawing and writing, a musical instrument, and a book.