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Marco Picardi

Visiting Tutor

I’m a chartered town planner working at the intersection of space, movement and experience. I work across the whole planning process, from programme design and concept development to multidisciplinary delivery and project evaluation. 

More about me

After dropping out of a PhD at UCL and several years in the private sector, I made the move into the public sector, first working at Greater Cambridge Shared Planning Service and now at the Department for Transport in the planning policy team where we focus on aligning the transport and spatial planning systems. At UCL, I've supported several courses including Sustainable Futures by Design, Civic Design, Sustainable Urban Development: Key Themes, and Strategic Planning Project. Outside of work, I co-founded London Car Free Day and enjoy walking around in London's hinterlands.

Research Focus and Interests - Integrated planning; mobility; participatory urbanism


From - Britaly

Favourite Place
- Alleyways of Genoa's Old Town

FUN FACT: If you were stranded on a desert island and you could only bring 3 things, what would they be?

A boat building manual, a guide to sailing, and foraging cookbook with instructions for storing food for long sea voyages