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Prof Elisabete Cidre

Professor (Teaching) in Urban Design and Historic Cities

Dr Elisabete Cidre is a Professor (Teaching) in Urban Design and Historic Cities, and the Widening Participation Lead at the Bartlett School of Planning. She also sits at the local Ethics Committee. She currently teaches UG1 Urban Lab I and Introduction to Urban Design, and the PGT specialism on Historic Cities.

More about me

Elisabete is educated as an architect and urban designer (in Portugal) and as a planner (in the UK). She is Deputy Editor of the Journal of Urban Design, a Fellow of the HEA, a Chartered Architect of the Architects Guild in Portugal (Ordem dos Arquitectos) and a Member of RTPI Historic Environment Group, and the TCPA. Her research and working interests focus on: (urban planning) curriculum design and pedagogy, urban design (policy, practice and education), urban heritage conservation, the role of public space in placemaking and placeshaping, and on reflective learning procedures in built environment academia.

Research Focus and Interests - urban design pedagogy; placemaking and placeshaping; urban conservation; cultural heritage.

From - Portugal

Favourite Place - London, UK

FUN FACT: If you were stranded on a desert island and you could only bring 3 things, what would they be?

Blanket, knife, and complete collection of Calvin & Hobbes.