Additional Team Members - Tanushree Agarwal, Asseel Al-Ragam and Sharifa Alshalfan

Games are a great way to communicate urban research to wider audiences. They are also a fun and interactive tool to engage public participation and collaboration when designing and teaching. Based on this understanding, 'Kuwaitscapes' is a card game developed from the LSE Kuwait Programme research project 'Public Space in Kuwait: From user behaviour to policy-making', a collaborative project with LSE Cities and Kuwait University researchers.

The cards are contextualised to Kuwait’s socio-cultural conditions and its built environment. They encourage thinking about the diversity of people that use Kuwait’s public space, the variety of spaces and scales of urban analysis, along with physical and social tools that can help improve the use of these urban spaces. The main goal of the game is to be the first player to improve an area to a particular character using the matching tools available.

This game facilitates the discussion of real urban issues, engaging everyone (from kids to adults, from lay citizens to planners and designers), while reducing the knowledge gap on urban planning and design within the Kuwait society. Raising awareness and encouraging creativity are the objectives while having fun. Explore the video below to know more about the game.