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Student work

The Bartlett School of Planning hosts urban design programmes at undergraduate, masters and research masters levels, as well as a vital group of PhD researchers. Our programmes include:

In these – and our other programmes through which urban design infuses – urban design is understood as the process of shaping better places for people than would otherwise be produced. In other words it is about how society defines places and interacts within physical spaces; it is about how this is constrained by social, political, economic and other forces, and it is about how we can positively shape this through ongoing processes of design and associated development and management.

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MSc Urban Design & City Planning Catalogue 2015/16

Urban design is a core focus of planning and development, and the means through which sustainability in the environment can be delivered. This is a master programme with unique focus on urban design as a creative planning tool and the interface between urban design and city planning. Students gain a good understanding of the interface between the two subjects, and as such develop the ability to think in critical, creative and analytical ways across the different scales of the city; from strategic to local, and across urban design, planning, real estate and sustainability arenas. The masters programme relates closely, and builds upon, a recognised long-term urban design research specialisation of the Bartlett School of Planning.

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