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Student work

The Bartlett School of Planning hosts urban design programmes at undergraduate, masters and research masters levels, as well as a vital group of PhD researchers. Our programmes include:

In these – and our other programmes through which urban design infuses – urban design is understood as the process of shaping better places for people than would otherwise be produced. In other words it is about how society defines places and interacts within physical spaces; it is about how this is constrained by social, political, economic and other forces, and it is about how we can positively shape this through ongoing processes of design and associated development and management.

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Cover showing bold design of the characters: EXPO2021

The Bartlett School of Planning Expo Catalogue 2020/2021

This year as in the last, the BSP Expo has once again taken on important role of allowing our community of students and academics to communicate with our friends and partners all over the World in spite of the restrictions imposed by the global Covid-19 pandemic and share what we have been doing in the last 12 months. We hope to show that despite the constraints and difficulties to education and research that the pandemic has posed, we are here and still producing exciting, challenging and stimulating work.

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