Home Comforts, homes and neighbourhoods during the Covid-19 lockdown

From the 23rd March 2020 the UK was put into lockdown in an unprecedented attempt to fight the spread and impact of Covid-19. Initially the British public were under strict instructions to remain at home, and only to venture out when absolutely necessary for food, medicine or daily exercise. Until a gradual easing began from the 10th May onwards, families, couples, sharers, and individuals were spending more time at home – and together – than ever before.

The period of lockdown provided a unique opportunity to stress test our homes and their immediate environments, to gauge how they performed during this period, whether or not they supported our everyday needs in these strangest of times, and how we might need to design them or adapt them in the future to build in a greater resilience and capacity to support happy and healthy lives.

In order to get a picture of how well or poorly the design of our home environments were supporting us, a short non targeted survey was prepared. A total of 2510 responses were collected from across the UK with the resulting report focussing on the home during lockdown, our neighbourhoods during lockdown and our sense of community during that period.