Place Value Wiki is a collaborative platform for anyone interested in the empirical links between aspects of place quality and aspects of place value.

The quality of places influences and is influenced by housing conditions, real estate markets, and our use of technology. The place has an impact on the way we govern ourselves, on our democracy and local decision-making, on community togetherness and empowerment, and on much, much more. The urban places that most of us inhabit are made up of buildings, streets, spaces and landscape, various land uses and a community of users. ‘Place’ is therefore a socio-physical construct, and lots of claims are made about the power of place.

This project reviewed the empirical evidence in order to explore whether the sorts of benefits outlined in the literature are merely a woolly wish-list of desired benefits advocated by those already convinced about the importance of investing in a high quality built environment, or whether they are statements of fact supported by robust and convincing evidence. If the evidence is clear, then arguably policy makers, developers, and built environment professionals would be foolish not to make the pursuit of a high quality built environment a top priority. First, however, the evidence needs to be clear, and second, it needs to be presented in a manner that allows the connection to be made between particular qualities of place and the types of value they give rise to for users of the built environment.

To do this the concept of ‘place value’ was theorised and linked to the allied notion of ‘place quality’. The inter-relationships were conceptualised, before a systematic review of evidence was conducted. The evidence was summarised against four policy arenas: health, social, economic and environmental, with each summary concluding with what the evidence tells us about the sorts of value that place can deliver in each field.

This work drew on 271 sources, with the ‘raw’ data made available in an open source wiki: Overarching conclusions were drawn concerning what types of place qualities (design principles) the growing body of evidence reveals as most likely to deliver greatest place value, and with regards overarching findings on the value/quality nexus and the significance and coherence of the collective evidence.

All researchers are welcome and encouraged to use and contribute to this collective resource, either through editing an existing entry or adding a new entry relating to their own or any other research under the appropriate category.